Whale Watching Season at Coolum Beach

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Humpback Whales are some of the most majestic creatures on this planet. Reaching a length of 16 meters and weighing in at close to 50 tons these giants roam the oceans of the world in pods (groups) that can number as many twenty thousand individuals. Seeing a group of these magnificent creatures at play never ceases to inspire awe. Seeing a fifty foot whale breach (jump) with more than two thirds of his body clearing the surface and then come crashing down is not a sight easy to forget.

Humpbacks follow a seasonal migration in their travels around the world and for whale watching enthusiast this is a blessing. For four months each year (July through October) Humpbacks can be seen up close as they traverse the waters of Australia’s Sunshine Coast. One of the best vantage points on the Sunshine Coast is a town called Coolum Beach.

The town of Coolum Beach and the beach that shares its name is famous among the whale watching community. There are Whale Watching Cruises and charters boats in plentiful supply and the locals are more than happy to share the wealth of information that they have gained through the long history of whale watching in their town.

If you should decide to venture down under Coolum Beach has one other feature that makes it a, “have to”, stop on your whale watching adventure, Point Perry.

Point Perry is one of the premier whale watching sites on the Sunshine Coast. Its raised vantage point allows a wonderful view out over the ocean making whale watching easy and relaxed. Point Perry is easily accessible by car or can be reached by simple walking to the end of the Coolum Beach Board Walk, near the surf club, and climbing the hill.

Two features add to the uniqueness of Point Perry one is the artwork produced by local bird watching enthusiast and displayed there and the other and most impressive is that there is no admission fee. Point Perry in Coolum Beach is one of the few places on the Sunshine Coast that whale watching can be accomplished free of charge.

If you have never had the wonderful experience of a whale watching trip, you have to add it to your life’s dreams list. It is not an experience you will want to miss. Nothing on earth can give you more appreciation for the elegance of Mother Nature’s creations or the restrained power that these beautiful creatures possess.

Coolum Beach has plentiful amenities available for your trip. Great resort style accommodation, shopping and restaurants abound in the area. One word of advice though, if you are going to Coolum Beach for the whale watching try to go in October, that is the best time to see the Humpbacks and if you’re going to Coolum Beach in October make your reservations early.

Talk to the friendly staff at the Beach Retreat Coolum for some great accommodation deals in Coolum to give you the best vantage points to some of the best whale watching available on the Sunshine Coast.

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