Visiting Coolum and Its Offerings

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Located on the Sunshine Coast of Northeastern Australia, Coolum is home to it’s popular local Coolum Beach, long known as a favorite coastal destination for both local Australians as well as visitors from abroad. The town itself is not large with a population under 23,000 persons year-round. Coolum has spent decades providing a summer getaway for families from the Brisbane area, being only a few hours’ travel at best or 120 kilometres from the centre of Brisbane.

The town’s main attraction, of course, is Coolum Beach. Day visitors as well as weekend and week-long tourists take advantage of the location as a getaway or a chance to enjoy coastal Australia, the ocean views and the beautiful beaches that line the Australian coastline, in which the Sunshine Coast is famous for.. The Coolum shoreline comes complete with a boardwalk, shopping area, and scenic esplanade with restaurants included as well. For those looking for a longer stay, there is no shortage of holiday apartments, such as the Beach Retreat Coolum, in the area and close to the beach side.

For those who like hiking, Mount Coolum is nearby, with a refreshing half hour walk to the top of the geographic rise. Visitors at the top can then take in the landscape of the Sunshine Coast as well as Coolum itself. The town itself follows the typical beach community design, being laid out as a strip of development rather than in concentric circles like inland towns. Further north of town, hikers can also find the Emu Mountain as well as the Noose National Park for further rural exploration.

Coolum Beach itself is fairly long and broad, providing plenty of sit down space for hundreds of visitors daily. However, there is little in the way of trees on the beach itself, so visitors are advised to either bring or rent an umbrella for shade during the day. The beach itself is long into the water, with plenty of shallow area for small kids before it gets deeper for adult swimming.

If the beach every day is a bit too much for visitors after a while, Coolum also offers two small shopping centers, four churches, and an additional shopping strip located adjacent to the local caravan park.

For more information about Coolum Beach and what the Sunshine Coast has to offer it’s visitors, contact the friendly team at The Beach Retreat holiday apartments at Coolum.

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