A day out at Australia Zoo

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Australia Zoo is a great place to take the family when you visit Coolum Beach. Situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, it is Australia’s most famous wildlife sanctuary and one of Australia’s premier tourist attractions.


If you’re planning a stay by the beach, then Only a 40 minute drive from the Beach Retreat Resort apartments at Coolum Beach, it makes a great day trip for families with both young and older children.


Australia Zoo is home to a large number of both native and exotic animals with visitors being able to view and even interact with animals from Australia and around the world. While Australia zoo is most famous for its native animal exhibits, it is also home to tigers, lions, elephants and a range of other animals.


The zoo has so much on offer for the whole family that it really is not to be missed. Kid’s programs run daily offering a fund and educational experience. There are also opportunities for the whole family to get involved with wildlife demonstrations and public feedings held daily.

Australia Zoo was opened in 1970 by the Irwin family and while Steve sadly passed away a number of years ago, the family is still heavily involved in the running of the zoo. In more recent years Steve’s daughter Bindi has become the public face of the Zoo and works with the animals on an almost daily basis.


The open air Crocoseum arena allows for large demonstrations and means there is always room for anyone who wants to watch one of the many demonstrations taking place that day. The zoo is most famous for its crocodile feedings and the home of the crocodile hunter really does live up to its name. There is nothing like watching these prehistoric dinosaurs at feeding time.


If you’re looking for an up close encounter with some wild animals than Australia Zoo is the place to be with the wandering animal team going around the zoo every day with a host of different exotic animals for you to pet and interact with. Be careful though, some of them are dangerous so its important you always follow the instructions of the zoo keepers.


Australia zoo has an open air food court and a range of other world class facilities to make your day thoroughly enjoyable and ensure you can bet at the zoo from sun up to sunset. It also has some world class conference hosting facilities and is an ideal location if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different to host your next conference or function.


And don’t forget to check out the latest addition to Australia Zoo, the African safari, where you’ll get up close with giraffes, rhinos and other animals that you’ll usually only see in Africa. It truly brings another part of the world right here to the Sunshine Coast.


So if you’re planning a ‘jungle safari holiday’ on the Sunshine Coast for the family, make sure you talk to Wade and the friendly staff at the Beach Retreat Resort at Coolum Beach, and they can help you organise an adventure holiday that you won’t forget!

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