Tickle your tastebuds at the Ginger Factory

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Bring your taste buds for a culinary adventure as you visit the popular and beautiful Sunshine Coast area of Australia. Ginger Factory is one of the largest and more popular theme parks in the area that is known for both its attractions and the food. There are activities and entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. You will not hear that your children are bored; there is plenty to keep them busy at the Ginger Factory.

As one of the premier Sunshine Coast attractions Ginger Factory includes a cafe and ice cream shop. The ice cream shop churns each flavour on-site to maintain quality and flavour. The cafe includes menu items for every person in the family. Each item is made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you are satisfied.

Some of the Sunshine Coast attractions Ginger Factory has to offer includes the Super Bee. This takes you on a journey to see how beekeepers make honey and maintain the bees without getting stung. Some of their trade secrets are also shared with guests to provide educational value. The tour is affordable and fascinating.

Another popular attraction at Ginger Factory is Overboard. This adventure takes you on the water to experience a journey with Gingerbread Man. His voyage goes around the world as he tries to escape the scary clutches of the chef. You’ll have to take the ride to see if he escapes.

Take a ride on the historic Ginger Train. It is a cain train that takes you on a tour through the gardens of Ginger Factory. Once used for service, ‘Moreton’ retired to take on this leisurely role. The relaxed lifestyle that the train now lives is preserving its function.

An entire day can easily be spent and Ginger Factory. It is close to the Beach Retreat Holiday Apartments at Coolum and several additional dining options. Whether you opt to rent an auto to drive or use taxi service, the commute is short so that you still have plenty of hours in the day to enjoy the true Aussie culture. You can’t forget to stop at The Ginger Store located within the Ginger Factory. It houses the largest selection of ginger products in the world. You will come across items here that you will not find in your home land. From foods to lotions and kitchen items, this is a great shopping experience for mum. Ginger Town is fun for the whole family.

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