Surfing the breaks at Coolum Beach

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If you are planning a surfing getaway this weekend, have you considered Coolum Beach?

Coolum Beach is a great hideaway which a fine swimming and surfing beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. If you’re young and looking for adventure or just seeking some relaxation and tan, Coolum is just the place for you.

Coolum Beach is beautiful and mesmerizing and what’s not to like about a gorgeous coastline, right?

Of course there is more to this great location other than just a nice beach, with plenty of dining , cafes, entertainment venues and popular shopping precincts all just moments away. If you haven’t experienced Coolum yet, you are definitely missing out a great destination.

Coolum Surfing

Once you’re at Coolum Beach, adventure comes screaming at you!!!! To begin with there are plenty of great locations to swim and surf and the main Coolum Beach is patrolled regularly by Surf LifeSavers.

So, while the first concern when you go for adventure at a beach is the safety, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about once you’re at Coolum Beach as it is typically safe for people of all ages. What’s most fascinating about Coolum is that you don’t have to be a an experienced surfer to enjoy the waves!Both beginners and experienced surfers can get out and have a go at the gorgeous Coolum Beach with safe surfing for beginners on the open beach, and something a little more adventurous on the points for the experienced wave riders.

Another benefit here is that if you do not know how to surf at all, you can do it right here, right now at Coolum because the Coolum Surfing School offers the nitty-gritties of surfing to any age group as long as people crave adventure!!! There are numerous schools for surfing at Coolum Beach which definitely makes it a surfing destination. It is an absolutely perfect for a weekend surfing trip with your friends and family.

Weather at Coolum Beach

The weather is another benefitting factor in the case of Coolum Beach because it is absolutely suitable to surf all year round. During summer, the temperature is not more than 28 degree Celsius and during winter it is an average of 20 degree Celsius. So the climate is perfect for whenever it suits you best to hit the waves and give surfing a go.

 Things To Do at Coolum Beach

Apart from surfing and swimming at the Beach, Coolum has a lot to offer to everyone who visits. There is a popular 18 hole professional golf course nearby, so whether you are experienced or a beginner, you can enjoy playing a few games of golf, and of course if you’re not that great than there are always plenty of instructors to help you learn the game a little better, and what better place to learn!

For people who love to get outdoors and enjoy some hiking, there is Mt.Coolum, which offers a stunning view of the entire coastline of the Sunshine Coast from Noosa to the south of the Sunshine Coast at Caloundra. Of course there are also plenty of less strenuous outdoor actitives and trails you can enjoy around the Coolum area. Just ask the staff at The Beach retreat Resort while you are staying there to suggest the best activities that suit you best.

So for an exciting weekend getaway, and some great Sunshine Coast surfing, come and experience the first wave of fun at Coolum Beach!!!

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