The Queensland Garden Expo is coming to the Sunshine Coast

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Plan your next personal or family vacation to the Sunshine Coast during the ever popular Garden Expo in the second weekend of July from the 11th to the 13th. Reserve your accommodations in nearby Coolum Beach, located about 20 minutes from Nambour. The airport is a short 10 minute drive away, so you can get here and get started on your vacation right away!

The Expo is full of fun!

The Garden Expo started in 1985 for only one day, 30 exhibits, and 5 workshops for 300 visitors. Over the last 30 years it has grown to a three day event with 300 exhibitors, 7 live stages, and more than 40,000 plants for sale for the more than 30,000 visitors. What a tremendous growth!

Plan now to come learn about the newest garden tools and technology, garden art, and gain valuable knowledge at lectures, demonstrations, and workshops you can take back home with you. You will learn from Queensland’s best landscapers and nurseries. This event celebrates the talents of professional gardeners, as well as showing you’re the newest products available. These talents people are eager to share their knowledge with you to make Australia ever more beautiful!

Plan your stay on the Sunshine Coast.

Enjoy your stay at the Beach Retreat Coolum during this three day event. The Expo is open from 8 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday, and closes at 4 pm on Sunday. When you are not at the Expo you can have fun alone or with your family at Coolum Beach’s many opportunities for fun in the sun, including:

  • Safe and fun times at the beaches that are patrolled by lifeguards until 5 pm every evening.

  • Explore private bays or relax in the sun.

  • You can bring your dog along to Stumers Creek for off-leash fun or you can try canoeing in the creek.

  • Tickle Park, located on the Esplanade, offers skating, kids’ play area, clean and free barbecue for you to cook for the family.

The Expo is the main draw for visitors, but after a few hours or even an entire day at the Garden events, you may want some quiet time or a change of pace. Coolum Beach offers different types of accommodations to suit different people. Whether you want a 5 star resort or a budget hotel, or even a campsite to get in plenty of sun, you will find the perfect place for you or your family to get the most out of your visit to the Sunshine coast.

Visit the official site for the Expo for ticket information and event schedule., or visit the official site for Coolum Beach to find your little piece of heaven on the Sunshine Coast when you come to visit.

The staff at the Beach Retreat Coolum are more than happy to help you plan your Coolum Beach accommodation, so make sure you call them or book online for special deals available.

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