The History of Coolum Beach

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There is no question that Coolum Beach is one of the best destinations in Australia for a leisurely beach family vacation. However, many tourists inquire about the history of this region along with the significance of its name.

Previously, the place now best-known as Coolum Beach, was colonized by the Kabi Kabi tribe. It was during the initial 19th century that Europeans first visited this area of Australia, although the first colony at Coolum Beach would not arise right until the end of the 1800s. In 1871, the first cattle ranch was placed in the area, which was followed shortly afterwards by Coolum Beach’s first sugar cane plantation.

Thankfully to eradicating of the area to allow delivery from steamships, settlement of Coolum Beach truly begun in the early 20th century. Beginning in about 1906, a small volume of families called Coolum Beach their dwelling.

Many of the family units in the neighborhood decided to farm sugar cane as their foremost source of revenue. This industry saw rapid expansion in the 1920s. A tramway and automobile route extended to Coolum Beach in this time, which set up better reach for those wanting to make their homes in this beautiful and lucrative spot. In any case, most of the money flow in the region was thanks to to sugar cane farms up to the point tourists started out discovering Coolum Beach some 40 years at a later date.

In these days, Coolum Beach is frequented by residents who love to surf as well as visitors from near and far. The coastline community is enjoyable and easy-going, which is the reasons why it is favoured with domestic and foreign holiday-makers.

Like numerous areas in Australia, the region name can be traced to Aboriginal beginnings. The term “gulum,” meaning headless, refers to nearby Mount Coolum. This peakless slope is shrouded in fable that dates back hundreds of years. The story is that the mountain originally had a peak which had been then knocked off. That peak is said to be the source of neighboring Mudjimba Island.

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