History of the Coolum Surf Club

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As the best club on the Sunshine coast, the Coolum Beach Coolum Surf Club is the most ideal place for anyone interested in having amazing experience. The services are unmatched, and the history is just as interesting as that of the Sunshine Coast itself. The history dates back to 1919, just after the First Word War. The Coolum Beach Surf Club has gone through the hands of visionary leaders who have showed a lot of determination and enthusiasm that have enabled the club to grow and expand to what it is today.

The Coolum Beach Surf Club has experienced severe challenges at various stages of its growth, and with the loss of active members during the World War II. This was not an easy time for the club since most of the members perished in different circumstances. The year 1948 will always be remembered by members of the Coolum Beach Coolum Surf Club. It was in this year that the club suffered one of the worst surf tragedies. In heroic rescue attempts, the club lost three people.

At one point, the membership of Coolum Beach Surf Club had reduced to just two. Keith Peterie and Ron Want were determined to carry on with the good work of the club. They recruited youngsters who readily joined them to bring the club to what it is today. The membership of the club today stands at about 200 lifesavers. The Coolum Beach Surf Club been upgrading the facilities to make the place more competitive, and also to remain ahead of other clubs.

Coolum Beach Surf Club members and visitors enjoy wonderful views from our club. All the views overlooking the Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast are a wonder to behold. To make sure that the esteemed customers have enough time to enjoy the fantastic views, the club serves them delicious meals on the deck. the Coolum Surf Club is also committed to ensuring that each day is unique and wonderful for members and visitors. Coolum Beach Coolum Surf Club organizes something new for the many customers on a daily basis.

Coolum Beach Surf Club organizes live entertainment on regular basis to make sure that  members and visitors enjoy the best experience on the Sunshine Coast. To members and visitors, there are Keno & 48 great poker machines, a great Bar & Wine List, TAB & Sports betting, Beachfront Bistro & Café and Live Entertainment. In addition, the Surf Club also offer services for parties, weddings and conferences. The facilities are enough to cater for events of all sizes and requirements. Coolum Beach Coolum Surf Club is also ideal for families visiting the Sunshine coast, committed to ensuring that they have a wonderful experience in the Sunshine coast.

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