Go Wild at Australia Zoo

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Australia Zoo is a particularly fun destination when you’re staying on the Sunshine Coast for your holidays. It’s only approximately 40-minutes drive from the Beach Retreat Coolum resort, and transportation can easily be arranged to this local landmark by daily tour or local bus services.

With a history of animal rescue, rather than the traditional animal capture that is too prevalent in zoos around the world, the Australia Zoo is one of the legacies of wildlife enthusiast and hero Steve Irwin. He and his wife Terri built this area up first as a sanctuary for rescued wildlife, and it slowly emerged into the grand haven that is now known as the Australia Zoo.

The main attraction is, of course, the animals that live here. Among the mammals at the Australia Zoo are kangaroos, koalas, tigers, camels, elephants, foxes, goats, zebras, and dingoes. Birds like cranes, exotic parrots, and finches can also be found at the zoo. Pythons and lizards are just some of the reptiles here.

Special zoo tours ensure that you get the most out of the experience. With the Platinum Zoo Adventure, you get treated as a VIP guest and receive individual attention to help customise your day however you want it to be. You can get close to many of the animal residents and receive your own personal photographer with this option. If you are looking for something inexpensive, the safari tour is a lot of fun and just so happens to be educational for families in a fun way.

There are special celebrations held at the zoo throughout the year. Events like Mother’s Day and the Queen’s Birthday, not forgetting Bob and Bindi Irwin’s birthdays are celebrated. Guests may want to coordinate their visit to a special day at the zoo or opt for a less crowded, more low-key experience.

Families who visit the Australia Zoo can even join its Zoo Club to stay connected with what’s going on at the zoo, with the Irwin family, and take some memorabilia home with them. Membership even provides the benefit of a monthly magazine that is sent through the mail so that you can continue the adventure even after the vacation.

For more details about Australi Zoo or other great Sunshine Coast tours and attractions, make sure you talk to the friendly staff at The Beach Retreat Coolum when booking your next Coolum Beach holiday.

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