Time to get racing to the the Noosa Triathlon

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The Noosa Triathlon is a world-wide event with many wonderful attractions to see. Coolum Beach is just minutes away from this great race with all the events coming up there is so much to do and enjoy why not book early to enjoy all of the fun.


  • Come and Enjoy All of the Events

The Noosa Triathlon is starts Wednesday October 29th 2014 and ends on Sunday November 2nd 2014. With five days of sporting events including cycling, swimming this event is one of the Sunshine Coast’s   oldest and best festivals with the third largest Olympic distance triathlon world-wide. The Beach Retreat Coolum Apartments are just minutes away from all the scheduled events so stay close and relax easy in the spa after a long day of fun in this great event celebrating fitness and healthy fun.


  • Endura Swim Run

This is an event which includes two different races for kids from seven years of age to the other race for ages 13 and older. Which both start at 6am so participants should be there for an early start to this race on the beach.


  • Tour De Noosa Cycle

Be sure to be there when pro-cyclists begin this cool race on October 31st at the Noosa Heads Surf Club. This is a 28 KM cycle is not a race but a test of endurance and training for cycling enthusiasts.


  • Noosa Breakfast Fun Run

Pink is the traditional color to support women for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Which will meet at Festival Village on October 31st bright and early for this 5km run with participants treated to a delicious breakfast after their long healthy charity run.


  • Accommodation

If you are planning to go to this absolutely delightful health fest with fun events from swimming to charity golf plan to stay close by so you can save your energy for the events. Beach Retreat Coolum Apartments are just minutes away from all the fun and you can spend your time relaxing in the great spa after all your exciting events and tiring days enjoying this great Triathlon.


  • Relax and Enjoy

Take a rest in the spa and relax your tired muscles in fabulous accommodations just minutes from everything you plan to do at the Beach Retreat Coolum Beach Apartments. The events include a long list of things to do so be prepared to love every minute of these superb shows of endurance and athleticism. Have a great time and enjoy your stay every minute with great accommodations at the Beach Retreat Coolum Apartments.

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