Exploring Fraser Island

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Fraser Island can be considered one of the unmissable sights for tourists to the Sunshine Coast. It is a prime example of the natural beauty that can be seen in Australia’s spectacular landscape, but rarely found anywhere else like it Down Under. In fact, the natural attractions that Fraser Island offers come together in an unique combination that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Fraser Island was named after Captain James Fraser and his wife Eliza were shipwrecked in wild weather off the island’s west coast back in 1836.
Over the years there have been a couple of shipwrecks on Fraser Island, with the remains of a few still visible at certain times.

Fraser Island has been labelled a World Heritage listed site since 1992, because it is the single largest sand island in either Australia or anywhere else in the world. As a result, Fraser Island boasts an absolutely unique ecosystem that is home to both fauna and flora restricted only to its unique environment.

Examples of this unique nature range from dingoes to freshwater turtles, white-breasted sea eagles and sometimes even saltwater crocodiles, not to mention the more than 800 species of gums, ferns, and still more exotic plant species that make up the rain-forests that flourish on the sands.Second, Fraser Island has long been a site of human habitation. Although Europeans only set foot on its shores in recent centuries, Aboriginals have made a home on the island for more than 5,000 years. As a result, Fraser Island is filled with an estimated 500 sites of archaeological significance, which can be of interest to tourists fascinated with the lives of the peoples who predate them.

Tourists to the Sunshine Coast can access Fraser Island using either boat or chartered flight. Visitors to its beautiful and unparallelled shores can engage in numerous outdoor activities, ranging from fishing for oceangoing species to hiking through the interior and camping in one of the numerous campsites available. Of course, for tourists more interested in exploring the island rain-forests with expert leadership, guided tours are also available. Such tours are capable of accommodating tourists of all sorts, blending the best of both modern conveniences and natural beauties.

So if you’re planning a visit to the Sunshine Coast, when you’re staying ¬†at the Beach Retreat at Coolum Beach make sure you arrange a day tour of Fraser Island. The friendly staff are more than happy to help organise a Day Tour of Fraser Island for you, which will pick you up right from the holiday apartment door.

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