A Day at the Eumundi Markets

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When it comes to the perfect holiday, Coolum Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Sunshine Coast.
Visiting the beach for a swim and to soak in some sun is a great way to relax at this scenic location. After a couple days though you are likely ready to want to check out what else you can discover and explore around this great region.

Just a short drive away, 23 minutes to be exact, is another popular tourist attraction that is a must see if you are in this area.

The Eumundi Markets were established in 1979 by an artist and her friend. They felt that it would be a great idea to have a European farmer’s market that included crafts from the various artists in the area. The beginning venture started off a little slow, but before long business picked up and more stalls were added with items from the craftsmen in this part of town and in the surrounding area. Today, Eumundi Market boasts over 600 stalls. They are so popular that they receive a whopping 1.6 million people every year and these numbers just keep growing.

One of the most respectable things about Eumundi Market is that it offers its customers sustainable shopping at its finest. This makes everyone feel great about being a customer at Eumundi Market. The items that are available for sale include those things which are baked, grown or made. In addition, entertainment is often seen here making your day that much more pleasant.

Some of the shops at Eumundi Market include:

  • Banana Leaf Noosa
  • Art and Illusion
  • Bluefish Graphics
  • Asian Street Food
  • Australian Lavender
  • Café Le Mundi
  • Dirt by Earth
  • Funky Plants
  • Boom Shankar
  • Buttoney Boo…… and many more

Future plans for Eumundi include solar power generation and water harvesting. Eumundi Market just keeps getting better.

So set yourself aside a lazy weekend to visit the Eumundi Markets and discover the local arts and crafts, and sample some of the freshest product and tastiest local treats available on the Sunshine Coast

Come and visit Eumundi Market for one of the most satisfying shopping adventures that you will ever experience. To learn more about us visit us at http://www.eumundimarkets.com.au/

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