Escape the New Zealand Winter – visit the Sunshine Coast

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Were you aware that getting to the promised land of warmth, during the height of winter’s brutality, is only a three hour trip away?  Indeed. We wouldn’t lie to you about the promised land of warm weather during winter.  After all, that’s what Australia’s Sunshine Coast offers in abundance, and as it happens, Air New Zealand has direct flights into the region’s regional airport and once you have disembarked from the plane you can be splashing in the warm waters of Coolum Beach within 15 minutes.  Now…doesn’t that sound appealing?

Sample Summer During the Height of Winter…

The region’s temperate weather pattern assures that the climate is always a nice balmy 20⁰ Celsius at a time when 5⁰ is the accustomed norm in other areas.  As such, prepare to shed that anorak and get ready to don a swimsuit for your sojourn into the Sunshine Coast’s version of “winter.”

Incredible arrays of activities are available for those with even the most insatiable appetite for adventure.  From adventure tours on beautifully pristine Fraser Island, just north of Noosa, you can take the time to explore the world’s largest sand island behind the wheel of your own 4 X 4, or you can avail yourself of the guided tours of this amazing ecosystem with those who are ready to reveal her hidden secrets.

For those of a more aquatic bent, Noosa Oceanrider offers a thrill a wave for those willing to brave the high seas off Noosa.  You will absolutely marvel at the technology of the boats, the skills of the drivers, and the panoramic beauty of the environment as you tool around in the water amid playful schools of dolphins.

Let the Games Begin…

There are absolutely no reasons to let the ravages of winter get you down when the Sunshine Coast is waiting for your arrival such a tantalising close distance away.  Book your holiday, pack your things, make the flight, and enjoy your stay at the Beach Retreat Coolum once you get here.  You will be very happy that you did.

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