Dive in and explore the Sunshine Coast

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On your next holiday to the Sunshine Coast, consider going scuba diving along one of Australia’s most beautiful coastline areas.

The Sunshine Coast a very popular spot for diving all year round, is well known for its EX-HMAS Brisbane wreck.

This is one of the most popular Sunshine Coast diving locations in the area.

Visitors can examine the 133 metre guided missile destroyer up close in it’s waterery grave.

The vessel’s gross weight was 5000 tons when it sank. The HMAS Brisbane served the Royal Australian Navy for 34 years. It was in 2001 when the vessel was decommissioned.

In 2003, the vessel was deemed an artificial reef and dive site. Two years later, in 2005, it was moved to its home on the Sunshine Coast. The depths of the water over the vessel range from 15 – 18 metres. Generally, viewing the entire ship requires two dives. It is a lot to see.

The sea life that you will see while on a dive varies from shovelled nose rays to cod and eagle rays. There are also squid, angler fish, sea hares and a variety of other species. The fish will swim close to your proximity and are not aggressive. It is safe to swim with them and photograph the various schools.

The instructors and dive guides will assist you with properly attaching your gear and ensuring that each piece is working as it should. Instructions will be giving prior to going into the water. While the idea is to have the scuba diving experience of a lifetime, safety must always be considered. It is important to listen to each set of instructions so that you can enjoy a safe and pleasurable endeavor.

While this is not the only dive site along the Sunshine Coast, it is the most popular for both visitors and tourists alike. Divers from across the globe travel to this area to experience the beauty and natural wonders of nature. To prepare yourself for a scuba expedition, take a quick and informative scuba diving course. Upon completion, you can schedule a scuba outing with a licensed service for your safety. These tours of underground waters are exhilarating.

There are a variety of other activities for the entire family on a holiday to the Sunshine Coast as well. Various beaches, attractions and other entertainment await you. Sunshine Coast diving expeditions are the main attraction; however, the plethora of outdoors activities to enjoy in between dives enriches your spirit. The experience that you can have while visiting this area of Queensland, Australia is one that you are not soon to forget. Scuba diving and the cultural experiences are breathtaking. It will be a holiday that you take more than once.

Talk to the friendly staff at the Beach Retreat Coolum and they can point out the best diving areas around the Coolum area as well as the recommended diving instructors, so you can explore the Sunshine Coast in a different way!

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