Discovering the Sunshine Coast’s best bushwalking trails

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To many visitors, the Sunshine Coast is all about the beach and the scenic coastline that extends all along Queensland’s popular holiday destination.

But there is actually much more to this region than at first sight.

The Sunshine Coast is also home to some of Australia’s best and most diverse bushwalking tracks, and a great way to spend a lazy weekend by yourself or with the family.

The Sunshine Coast hinterland and well as the Noosa National Park are well known to the bushwalking enthusiasts who regularly visit this region to get back to nature and enjoy the sights and the sounds of the native wildlife that this unique region has to offer.

One of the most popular of the Sunshine Coast’s national parks is the Glasshouse Mountains, just an hour or so north of Brisbane.

The Glasshouse Mountains are primarily a group of 13 prehistoric volcanoes  that dominate the Sunshine Coast landscape and a perfect spot for those that love to do a bit of rock climbing or just find the perfect spot for a quite picnic. The Glasshouse Mountains is easily accessible while staying on the Sunshine Coast, and is also just a short drive from the popular Australia Zoo wildlife park, making it a great day out to explore this park of the Sunshine Coast.

Kondalilla Falls National Park is also another very popular spot with visitors and locals alike, with some great bushwalking tracks that take you through a very scenic region of the Sunshine Coast..the hinterland. ‘Kondalilla’ is the traditional word meaning ‘rushing waters’ and if you come in the right time of the year you will definitely see plenty of that! The 4.5 km walking track weaves around, leading you to a beautiful water hole where you can take a cooling dip and stand at the top of the falls, and then take the rest of the track down to the bottom of the rushing Falls. It’s one of the Sunshine Coast’s best kept secrets.

Noosa National Park is located at the tip of Noosa Heads and is one of thos epicture-perfect locations every corner you turn. There are a number of walking tracks that circle the edge of the Park with views looking out over the Pacific Ocean, or you can take one of the inland tracks that are a little more dense, with the world fading away until all you can hear is the sounds of the native wildlife, and then eventually opening back out again to the view of the beach.

There are plenty more great bushwalking tracks to ensure you have a relaxing visit to the Sunshine Coast, and the staff at the Beach Retreat at Coolum are only more than happy to point your walking shoes in the right direction when you enjoy your stay on the Sunshine Coast!

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