Discover the Turtles of Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach is one of the most fascinating sites in all of Australia. It’s a beachside town on the sunshine coast in Queensland Australia. The Coolum Beach has the ability to allure all its spectators due to its ravishing landscape and its beautiful animals. Marine turtles have inhabited the rocky shorelines near Coolum Beach and have made quite a natural habitat for themselves. Coolum Beach seems like an ideal setting for these pristine creatures. During summer is when these marine turtles usually make the shorelines of Coolum Beach their inhabitation. Soon after they mate, female marine turtles lay their eggs on the beach. These marine turtles are often referred to Greens or Loggerheads.

Marine turtles encounter many tribulations throughout their lifetime, due to their natural environment, predators, and humans. Marine turtles spend most of their lives in the water and as I previously stated females only come on shore to lay eggs during the nesting season. Marine turtles seem to have ability to reproduce at an abundant rate. Females can lay hundreds of eggs in one nesting season, this is pretty remarkable. Unfortunately most young turtles struggle to live at least a year, regardless if under natural or unnatural conditions. A few scientists recently discovered that of every 1,000 eggs laid likely only one turtle will survive to adulthood and be able to reproduce in the future. Due to environmental factors and irrational human behavior this is a sad reality.

Coolum Beach has a relatively small group of volunteers that have been trained to record on abandoned turtles that reach shore dead or alive. They make sure to gather all the information necessary so that changes to the marine ecology can be done. Clubb Coolum apartments are very close to the popular and delightful turtle beach nesting spots. These turtle beach nesting spots provide very much glamour to Coolum Beach and all of Australia.

Tourists often come and see the marine turtles during their breeding sessions. Lamentably over the last 200 years human liveliness has endangered the lives of these beautiful creatures. Marine turtles have an important role in marine ecosystem; they have become a big attraction in ecotourism. It’s extremely important that we take it upon ourselves to be responsible and act accordingly so that we can prolong these animals lifetime.

So for an ideal holiday that everyone will love, visit the Beach retreat at Coolum and experience nature at it’s best with the Sunshine Coast turtles.

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