Discover the Sunshine Coast Wine Trail

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When visiting Coolum Beach in Queensland, Australia, there is a lot to see and do. This beachside town is located on Sunshine Coast, and is an extremely beautiful place to visit. The Sunshine Coast wineries make a fun thing do to while on your vacation. There are chartered tours available for visitors to go on, many of these tours are private and charter only up to eight people at a time, but this can vary depending on the tour you choose to go on. Visitors also have the option to visit these wineries by themselves. Since the Coolum Beach Retreat is centrally located, it is the ideal place for lodging for those travelers that wish to explore the many wineries.

There are a lot of wineries in the area that can be toured. Some of these options include Delaney’s Creek Winery and Vineyard, Maleny Mountain Wines, Flaxton Winery, Eumundi Winery and Vineyard, and Barambah Ridge Cellar and Wine Bar. All of these wineries have something unique to offer guests. Most of the wineries also serve gourmet local foods, coffee, premium chocolates, and offer stunning views of the Sunshine Coast. They provide a relaxing atmosphere for those that want to sit back and take the time to relax during their vacation.

The Moonshine Valley Winery is the only fully operational winery on the coast. It offers a friendly atmosphere with free tasting at the Cellar. It offers visitors a wide range of Ports, Spirits, Grape Wines, and Liqueurs. This winery has over 20 years of experience with making wine. Buses and groups are allowed to visit the winery by appointment only. The Moonshine Valley Winery is located on Mons Road in Forest Glen for those that want to check it out.

If you decide that you would like to go on a chartered tour of the wineries in the area, you can conveniently arrange this with the Coolum Beach Retreat staff. They will be able to tell you about the available tours, the cost, and they will also be able to answer any questions that you might have. A vacation to Coolum Beach will offer you stunning and memorable views. It will also offer you a chance to do things that will allow you to sit back and relax, while taking in the beautiful scenery right before your eyes. Touring the local wineries will add so much more to your trip.

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