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Sunshine Coast spiritual temple

There will never be a shortage of places to visit or things to do on the Sunshine coast.With warm water and glorious sunny days most parts of the year, it is an ideal place for outdoor activities such as alfresco, swimming, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, cycling, snorkelling, alfresco dining, golfing and shopping. Whether your ideal holiday is spending all your time lying on the beach under a clear blue sky, fishing by a peaceful river or hiking in the hinterland, Sunshine Coast is in many ways a populated natural reserve.


The Chenrezig Institute is a Buddhist retreat nestled in the foothills of Sunshine Coast in Hinterlands, Queensland, Australia. It is just 30 minutes drive from the Beach Retreat Coolum Resort. Established in 1974 this was among the first Tibetan Buddhist temples in the western world, and it remains among the largest. It is a center for Buddhist study, retreat, meditation, and practice


In this naturally refreshing Sunshine coast is a place where you can experience the laid back lifestyle which is based on freshwater rivers, pristine beaches, subtropical forests, lakes and warm sunshine. You can enjoy the sunshine from the naturally stylish Noosa to Maroochydore, the family fun of Coolum, Mooloolaba and Caloundra, to Montville and Mapleton to the calm and creative Maleny hinterland villages.



This is a place where monks in flowing burgundy robes glide past a stupa with a white Tibetan.Colourful flags arranged in rows fluffer in the wind, and there are soothing sounds of Buddhists chanting in the air.Chenrezig is a quite steep land, and the roads curve as it climbs the hill. The visitors’ car park is at the bottom of the hill.

The lushness of the hinterland is quite charming, and it is a visual a contrast to the seaside landscape. This is also where healing traditions from ancient cultures have flourished and where you can discover the path to the Garden of Enlightenment.



Chenezig institute serves as a center for study and meditation center and is also home to the Sangha monks and nuns as well as guests, students and volunteers. It is a registered charitable organization and an affiliate of the FPMT. The facilities of this center are open to the public and a variety of visitors take Buddist instruction come to this place to stroll along the bushy paths as they unwind,drop for a meditation class, or visit the gift shop or visit the cafe for some espresso.It is home to Tibetan Lama which is a large community of monks and nuns, residents, guests, students and volunteers. Apart from formal study programmes, this institute is a calm and relaxed place to spend some time.


The mission of this institute is to transmit the traditions of the buddists, as a path to complete happiness and freedom from suffering.It provides intergrated education intended to transform the minds and hearts of the people into highest potentials for the benefits of other people. All these is inspired by a universal responsibility attitude.


The institute is committed to helping all people to develop a full potential of compassion and infinite wisdom as well as creating harmonious environment.


So when you’re planning your visit to Coolum Beach, make sure you fit in a little time to find your inner peace with a visit to this very unique place on the Sunshine Coast.


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