Taking your Coolum Holiday to new heights

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While most people come to Coolum Beach for the beautiful beachfront and ocean views, some people like to take it to another level…in fact 14,000ft higher for the best view of the entire Sunshine Coast!

We are talking about the fearless people that brave the heights and enjoy jumping out of a perfectly good airplane for the thrill to skydive over the beautiful beach below, taking in the magical surrounding landscape as they plummet 200kms per hour towards the white sands below.

Hurtling for 60 seconds freefall towards the ground, may not sound like your ideal way to spend a perfect Sunday morning but once you work up the courage to do it, it is truly an experience you wouldn’t want to have missed once you’ve done it

The 25 minute flight from the nearby Sunshine Coast Airport to the breathtaking heights over the beautiful shimmering blue ocean and white sandy beaches below, with amazing views overlooking the entire Sunshine Coast and Glasshouse mountains in the background is worth the trip alone. Then as your tandem skydiving partner and you prepare to launch from the cabin and propel yourself towards Coolum’s beaches below, the 5 minutes it takes to reach the comforting sand beneath your feet again seems like forever, providing you with memories that not many experience, and ones you’ll treasure forever.

Coolum Beach is one of the prime locations on the Sunshine Coast for tandem skydiving, due to it’s wide open safe beaches, and there are a few well respected tandem skydiving companies that practically teach you to become a skydiver by the end of your solo jump. You’ll be taught how to control your own direction, descend speed, and of course touch down safely onto Coolum Beach. Though the buzz you’ll get from a Tandem Skydive at Coolum Beach will have you feeling like you’re on a high for weeks after your holiday has ended!

For more information about a tandem jump with Ramblers Skydive while staying at Beach Retreat Coolum, talk to Wade and the friendly team and they can arrange an experience of a lifetime for you.

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