A look back at Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach may mean a lot of things to the first settlers or even to the ancestors of the people living in the place now, but for a mere tourist like me, this is just another place to conquer and enjoy. As a tourist visiting this place, I was quite intrigued on where the name was derived from. Curious as I was, I asked around for Coolum history, asking locals, searched the internet and went to their library to get answers to my question and basically satisfy my curiosity.

Here is some interesting information I collected about coolum history and it would surely be a great help to other inquisitive tourists like me:

Coolum Beach is centrally located on the Sunshine Coast, between Noosa and the main CBD shopping area of Maroochydore. It derived its name from the aboriginal word “gulum” or “kulum” which means blunt or headless, which is referring to the shape of the beautiful Mount Coolum, which does not have a peak.

The first settlers of the place are the aboriginal Kabi Kabi, who are part of the large clan of Undanbi. Unfortunately, they slowly decreased in number after the Europeans arrived and took over the region.

In 1906, the first 8 to 10 families had started to permanently dwell in Coolum Beach and other various places of the district. Hasty development needed to take place to cater on the different needs of the people. These need included access to transportation, commerce and trade. A Mailboat service was then established to provide regular connection between Coolum and Yandina.

This was a way to transport their goods to other regions. A few years later, a horse-drawn tramline and punt-loading facilities were created to transport cane to the tram. With this new development on their transportation and road access, population of the local area and Coolum increased.  The sugarcane industry expanded, which lead to an increase in labor. A lot of farmers were then needed to keep up with the demand. This paved the way to more stability to their economy. Sugarcane farming became the main source of revenue until the early 1970s.

Over the last few years, Coolum Beach has shown a lot of improvements in all aspects, be it luxurious resort accommodation, shopping centres or parks.  Coolum Beach has become a favourite weekend and holiday getaway and one of the region’s most popular family vacation spots. Tourists like me have a lot of activities to choose from; it may be surfing, fishing or even dancing to the entertainment at the popular Coolum Beach Surfclub.

These are just a few of the reasons why I would never get enough of their white sandy beaches or Coolum Beach in general.
I would always make it a point to come here every year so I can rediscover and relive their history and also enjoy a great relaxing holiday with the family to create more lasting memories.

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