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You’ll be bowled over by Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach is an excellent place to unwind and relax. On this Sunshine Coast, there are numerous amenities to keep everybody entertained. One of the primary amenities along this coast is the Coolum Beach Bowls Club. At this club, guests have the opportunity to play a game of lawn bowling. The club has live entertainment and plays host to numerous events. The club organises for competitions whereby the winning participants are awarded. Besides, the lawn bowling, guests are offered membership packages.

Membership is highly affordable standing at just ten dollars for a 2-year social membership subscription. After bowling on the green lawns, guest may enjoy a meal at the café within the club grounds. The club also has a dining area where guests can enjoy lunch or dinner. There are a several cuisine and gourmet meals available. Everything on their menu is pocket-friendly and specially prepared to a taste of perfection. With these affordable rates, the Coolum Beach Bowls Club has gained popularity from the residents and visitors alike.

If guests require accommodation and other services, the Club Coolum resort is just within a walking distance. Guests have a variety of activities to engage in and choose from with the proximity to the beach and the Bowl Club. Also, the club has promotions that keep the guests always thrilled and entertained. Apart from lawn bowling, there is table tennis and darts. After a busy day in the field and other gaming events, the club offers happy hours.

During happy hours, the drinks are sold at cheaper prices. The guests can enjoy a drink of their choice as they relax after an eventful day. From morning to the evening, the club buzzes with games and events that are not too physical. These games are great exercise but do not involve a lot of contact with the opponents.

This Sunshine Coast is simply astounding. It has numerous activities present from swimming to lawn bowling. The great benefit of a roll up to Coolum Beach is affordability. The Bowls Club social membership is affordable, and their subscription fees and entrance fees are considerably small. The beach is an ideal destination for anybody no matter the kind of budget they have. The club, beach and resort deliver services and opportunities that exceed the value for the money spent. For cheap affordable and entertaining vacation, this is the perfect place to explore.

So whether you play Lawn Bowls or not, you’ll find it a great value for an affordable meal and a good time that you just can’t put a price on, and it’s only a few minutes away from The Beach Retreat.


Discover the Turtles of Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach is one of the most fascinating sites in all of Australia. It’s a beachside town on the sunshine coast in Queensland Australia. The Coolum Beach has the ability to allure all its spectators due to its ravishing landscape and its beautiful animals. Marine turtles have inhabited the rocky shorelines near Coolum Beach and have made quite a natural habitat for themselves. Coolum Beach seems like an ideal setting for these pristine creatures. During summer is when these marine turtles usually make the shorelines of Coolum Beach their inhabitation. Soon after they mate, female marine turtles lay their eggs on the beach. These marine turtles are often referred to Greens or Loggerheads.

Marine turtles encounter many tribulations throughout their lifetime, due to their natural environment, predators, and humans. Marine turtles spend most of their lives in the water and as I previously stated females only come on shore to lay eggs during the nesting season. Marine turtles seem to have ability to reproduce at an abundant rate. Females can lay hundreds of eggs in one nesting season, this is pretty remarkable. Unfortunately most young turtles struggle to live at least a year, regardless if under natural or unnatural conditions. A few scientists recently discovered that of every 1,000 eggs laid likely only one turtle will survive to adulthood and be able to reproduce in the future. Due to environmental factors and irrational human behavior this is a sad reality.

Coolum Beach has a relatively small group of volunteers that have been trained to record on abandoned turtles that reach shore dead or alive. They make sure to gather all the information necessary so that changes to the marine ecology can be done. Clubb Coolum apartments are very close to the popular and delightful turtle beach nesting spots. These turtle beach nesting spots provide very much glamour to Coolum Beach and all of Australia.

Tourists often come and see the marine turtles during their breeding sessions. Lamentably over the last 200 years human liveliness has endangered the lives of these beautiful creatures. Marine turtles have an important role in marine ecosystem; they have become a big attraction in ecotourism. It’s extremely important that we take it upon ourselves to be responsible and act accordingly so that we can prolong these animals lifetime.

So for an ideal holiday that everyone will love, visit the Beach retreat at Coolum and experience nature at it’s best with the Sunshine Coast turtles.

Skate into Coolum Beach

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Coolum Skate Park provides the Sunshine Coast a remarkable venue for skaters as well as a great location for the kids as they enjoy a holiday at Coolum.

Whether you’re a ripper with years of skating experience or an Amateur looking to learn more, Coolum Skate Park brings the gnarly spot you want to the place you want to be.

Skating The Sunshine Coast

The Beach Retreat Coolum is just a short walk, or an even shorter trip on a skateboard, to the Coolum Skate Park which is located right in the centre of Coolum and just a few steps away from the popular surf lifesaver patrolled Coolum Beach.

Coolum Beach is locally famous as one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular surfing beach, with many of the world’s best surfers growing up amongst the local surf and skate culture that the Coast is well know for.

Built in 2004, Coolum Skate Park borders magnificent Tickle Park, and features a Main Bowl with a Spine and Transfer in the middle. A Vert extension provides you with a gnarly Roll-in when you’re ready for it. A smaller bowl and Simple Street area keep the scene real for Pro warm-ups and Amateur skaters. If you’ve got the stuff, the Beach Retreat Coolum is just minutes away from your invitation to test the Half Pipe and get a perfect grind locked in.

With the skate park so close to the Beach Retreat, you’ll never hear the kids complaining they have nothing to do while on holiday here at Coolum, and almost year round you’ll find the Sunshine Coast shines on tourists that enjoy being outdoors, so the skate park will surely get a good workover from your kids while you relax and enjoy your holiday from the comfort of your Coolum Beach accommodation.

Whether you’re an expert skateboard enthusiast or just looking for a safe place where your kids can ramp up their skateboard techniques, you can’t go wrong booking a stay on the Sunshine Coast. Beach Retreat Coolum is your central access to perfect waves, one of the Sunshine Coast’s most beautiful beaches and Coolum Skate Park.

You’ll also find Coolum offers plenty for the adults as well, with the nearby Coolum Surf Club a great venue for a scrumptious lunch or dinner overlooking the beach, and there is plenty of great shopping on the Esplanade as well, all just moments from the Beach retreat.

So if you’re planning a Sunshine Coast holiday with the Kids, Coolum Beach and the Beach Retreat is the place designed for families.

12 things every visitor should do on the Sunshine Coast

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The Sunshine Coast is a popular destination for Australians and international tourists alike, providing days of activity in one convenient location. With festivals, high-end dining and shopping, and dozens of attractions that families and couples can enjoy, there’s no shortage of excitement. Whether you’re in the mood for a day at the spa or having fun in the sun, the Sunshine Coast offers something for everyone.


Explore the Local Markets

With deals on local produce and the freshest food in town, there’s no shortage to what you can find at the market. The Sunshine Coast offers over a dozen options, guaranteeing visitors are always close to something special.


Ride From Coast to Coast

Want to explore on your own? Rent a bike or a motorcycle and cruise down the coast in style, taking in the scenic area.


Enjoy a Day on Horseback

If you love horses, Equathon provides horses for visitors to ride while touring the local landscape. There’s even a riding camp children can enjoy, giving parents some one-on-one time.


Experience the Thrill of Racing

Home to one of the best horse racetracks in the area, everyone can enjoy a day of racing and fun at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club!


Kick Back and Relax

Feeling tense? With luxurious spa options offering everything from saunas to couples massages, it’s easy to unwind.


Spend a Day on the Green

If you’re a golf fan, the Sunshine Coast is home to some of the best golfing opportunities in Australia, from mini golf to eighteen holes.

Sun and Water Fun

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a day at the beach. From volleyball to stretching out on the sand, there’s no better place to soak up rays.


Explore Amazing Art

The Sunshine Coast offers an impressive collection of galleries, showcasing everything from pottery to paintings.


Time to Party

Looking for something cultural? The Sunshine Coast is home to dozens of festivals a year, from wine sampling to outdoor concerts.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Whether you’re a surfer, a diver, or you love to kayak, you and your family can have a ball in the open ocean.


Camp Outside

Enjoy a rustic experience camping in the woods or at one of the dozens of area campgrounds and unwind in the presence of nature.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

When you have an itch only fashion can scratch, the Sunshine Coast is the place to be for everything from attire to gifts.


Whether you have a weekend to spend with your partner or a week with your family, the Sunshine Coast offers the perfect location for sunning, funning, and exploring.

Enjoy a Sunshine Coast Hinterland Day Trip

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Beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland Day Trips

The Sunshine Coast is well known for its popular beaches, but visitors to Coolum Beach should also consider a day driving trip of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, exploring the lush countryside that was once home to the early settlers of the region. Complete your Sunshine Coast vacation with a day trip to The Mary Valley, or visit the townships of Maleny and Montville for their arts and crafts, and explore Gympie, once one of Australia’s richest Gold townships.

The Mary Valley

The Mary Valley is located behind the Blackall Ranges. Just 20Km west of Maleny, you can take a scenic drive up to the Mary Valley through Conondale, where the headwaters of the Mary River begin. This is a gorgeous part of the country on a long winding drive through majestic pine forests, rocky crags and luxurious farming lands.

Montville and Maleny

Dominating the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast are the Blackall Ranges, named after the second Governor of Queensland, Samuel Blackall. And nestled in the hinterlands, just 40 Km south west from Coolum is the historic town of Montville with scenic Maleny a further 20Km south.

Spend your day in Maleny being inspired and awed by the local art galleries and craft stores, wander through the stunning Botanic Gardens, hike up to beautiful Kondalilla Falls, dine in one of their many excellent restaurants, and end the day with a visit to the popular Cheese Factory. In Montville, visit the Clock Shop, an awesome display of hundreds of old clocks or the fabulous Chocolate Country where they make handmade treats. Relax and enjoy a coffee at the Poet’s Cafe, visit the local pottery studios or drive up to Lake Baroon Pocket Dam and enjoy a lovely outdoor picnic.


The scenic driving tour is not complete without a stop in historic Gympie. Be sure to visit the Gold and Mining museum and pan for gold. Dare to ride the Valley Rattler! This great steam train ride reopened in 2014 after an upgrade to the rail system, and is now ready to tour you through the beautiful valley in old fashioned style. Take a refreshing swim in the Mothar Mountain Rock pools along the Old Noosa Road, or visit the Bull Shop, a lush cattle property at Langshaw, just 14 Km south-west of Gympie. Whatever your destination, a visit to the Sunshine Coast is not complete without including a driving tour.

5 spots for an ideal Coolum Beach breakfast.

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The Sunshine Coast of Queensland is abode to a number of Australia’s most stunning beaches and seaside neighborhoods. Coolum Beach is one of them, priding itself on peaceful and laid back scenery that places it apart from the others. Coolum Beach offers a pleasant change from the hectic beaches of the Sunshine Coast; it is the ideal spot for your next getaway or extensive holiday as a couple or with your family!

There are plentiful of excellent eateries surrounding Coolum Beach, where you can have a sumptuous breakfast before commencing with your adventure on the beach. Do not hustle while trying to make some breakfast from the kitchen in your Coolum Beach apartment or holiday home, discover these magnificent eateries:

Sunrise Café

The Coolum holiday experience is incomplete if you do not savor an incredible breakfast meal while you stare at the main beach as the surf sways onto the beach. Take pleasure in the calm sea breezes as you have a tasty meal with your loved ones.

Raw Energy

Located right across Coolum Beach, Raw Energy offers fresh food, coffees, juices, and smoothies in a hip, on the beach ambiance. The eatery is focused on healthy fast foods. Drop by for a meal of tofu rollup, scrambled eggs, vegetable lasagne or giant gluten free Burger. If you want a quick, healthy bite, then the Raw Energy at Coolum Beach is the place for place for you.

Gelato Mio

Gelato Mio has excellent breakfast meals, but ice-cream makes them stand out from the rest. It is a paradise for people who love ice-cream. They have a variety of all types of ice-cream which they make and modify the flavors to suit your taste. When you come across people on Coolum Beach smiling while holding an ice-cream, they are indeed from Gelato Mio.Before you leave for the beach grab one two of the best ice-cream that you will ever taste.

Little Lane Espresso

Little Lane Espresso is situated down a little side street and just opposite the main Coolum Beach, and it is one of Coolum’s long held secrets. This eatery is where the neighbourhood goes for their breakfast coffee and tapas-style food. This hidden coffee shop offers palatable dishes and brews world class coffee.

The Caf

This upmarket eatery is situated within walking distance from the beach at Coolum. The Caf serves you with light, but grand breakfast meals such as Merlo coffee. Enjoy your breakfast as you connect with the rest of the world courtesy of their free WIFI.

All the above restaurants are positioned within a couple of minutes walk from the magnificent Coolum Beach Retreat Apartments and the Coolum main Beach.

Catch a ride to the Sunshine Coast’s surfing festival

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If you’re looking for the ultimate fun in the sun, then it’s time to catch a ride to the Sunshine Coast’s annual surfing festival. Every year the Noosa Festival of Surfing attracts surfers a fun-seekers from all over the world. As the surfing community’s pre-eminent event, the Noosa Festival of Surfing will be celebrating its 24th year of competitive surfing.

From March 7th to March 14th, surfing competitors and spectators from all over the world will come to the Sunshine Coast to revel in the majestic waves and entertainment options. With more than 600 international surfing competitors coming to catch the perfect wave, the best long boarders in the world will all be coming together for a chance at winning the grand prize of $25,000.

As the world’s leading cultural surfing event with entries from 14 countries and over 600 competitors all together, the Noosa Festival is the ultimate world surf party.

As the world’s best surfing competitors come together from the UK, France, California, Hawaii, Japan and New Zealand, this year’s festival not only offers an amazing array of races and divisions, but a plethora of fun activities.

As the year’s ultimate surfing party, the festival has a full schedule of live bands, free movies and other entertaining activities to keep revelers reveling for days. Whether you are a competitive surfer, friends or family, or a spectator, the Noosa Festival of Surfing has something for everyone.

Each day consists of a full itinerary of events, shows, and more. With a number of live bands scheduled to appear, free movies to be shown, surfing divisions and more, the biggest worry is that you might miss something.

Live Bands for the Noosa Festival of Surfing include:

  • Cheap Fakes
  • Expand & Surrender
  • The GoGetters
  • Band of Frequencies
  • Pro Vita
  • Aster Chapman
  • Tea Society
  • Hobo Magic
  • The Hi Boys
  • Pat Capocci


Film events include such titles as:

  • Behind the Tide
  • 8 Days of Pure Stoke
  • George Greenough’s Deep Tube Riding
  • Beyond Sight

The Duct Tape Invitational Returns to Noosa

Among all of the festivities and competitions, there is one event that stands out: The Duct Tape Invitational. First seen on the Sunshine Coast in 2013 when local logger Harrison Roach took the title, the DTI will be returning in 2015 to promote traditional logging and competition between 16 invited competitors.

For the ultimate beach and surf party competition, the 2015 Noosa Festival of Surfing is planning one of their biggest years yet. With the famed beach retreat Coolum being just a short drive away, visitors and competitors alike can enjoy the best that the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Australia Day, Coolum Style

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Australia Day celebrations at Coolum Beach

It’s the one day of the year (possibly besides Melbourne Cup), that the whole of Australia celebrates a ‘true blue’ tradition, and that is the celebration of Australia Day.

In fact what makes Australia Day even more special is the fact that Captain James Cook himself sailed right past the Queensland coastline in 1770 on the HM Bark Endeavour on his epic journey whilst discovering Australia, and he spotted the range of extinct volcanoes formed around 26 million years ago. These prehistoric masses reminded him of the huge glass furnaces in the glasshouses back in his native Yorkshire, and that is exactly what he named them.

There is a pretty good chance he sailed right past Coolum Beach as well, unbeknown to his adventurous spirit that one day the Sunshine Coast would be one of Australia’s favourite holiday spots.

Australia certainly has come a long way since the days of hardship the early settlers had to face, but 245 years, from the 23rd to the 26th of January, Coolum is set to celebrate Australia Day in the way the Sunshine Coast does best, outdoors enjoying the smell of the seaspray from the beach and the sunshine, which the Sunshine Coast was aptly named after.

The Australia Day festivities kick off on Friday Night, 23rd January, with the popular Twilight Markets, which attracts plenty of locals as well as visitors. enjoy the fresh summer night air and sound of the waves crashing on the beach in the background as you stroll through an assortment of stalls offering everything from fresh local produce and tasty treats, through to unique locally-made gifts, fashion and many other items.

There is plenty of live entertainment as well, giving the markets a real carnival feel, and definitely a great place to visit if you are looking for something the whole family can go out and do on a Friday night without blowing the holiday budget.

Saturday Night is movie night in the Park at Coolum, and another opportunity to get out and enjoy the night breeze and meet a few new faces of other visitors.

As a tribute to Australia, the popular movie Red Dog will be the feature of the night, a movie based on a true story about a red Dog that is in search for his long lost missing master. It’s a great film for young and old, so bring your portable chairs or a rug, some snacks and head on down to Tickle Park at Coolum Beach.

Monday the 26th of January is when the real celebrations start, with the Australia Day Festivities kicking off at 10am at Tickle Park. This includes a very Australian-themed day full of ironman surf events, plenty of live Australian music, food and of course in true Queensland style, toad races.

And of course, with any festival, no matter how young or old, everyone will love the fireworks show.

So if you are looking for a great way to spend a memorial Australia Day this year, call the Beach Retreat at Coolum and book your Australia Day accommodation.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!


Discover your inner peace at the Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast spiritual temple

There will never be a shortage of places to visit or things to do on the Sunshine coast.With warm water and glorious sunny days most parts of the year, it is an ideal place for outdoor activities such as alfresco, swimming, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, cycling, snorkelling, alfresco dining, golfing and shopping. Whether your ideal holiday is spending all your time lying on the beach under a clear blue sky, fishing by a peaceful river or hiking in the hinterland, Sunshine Coast is in many ways a populated natural reserve.


The Chenrezig Institute is a Buddhist retreat nestled in the foothills of Sunshine Coast in Hinterlands, Queensland, Australia. It is just 30 minutes drive from the Beach Retreat Coolum Resort. Established in 1974 this was among the first Tibetan Buddhist temples in the western world, and it remains among the largest. It is a center for Buddhist study, retreat, meditation, and practice


In this naturally refreshing Sunshine coast is a place where you can experience the laid back lifestyle which is based on freshwater rivers, pristine beaches, subtropical forests, lakes and warm sunshine. You can enjoy the sunshine from the naturally stylish Noosa to Maroochydore, the family fun of Coolum, Mooloolaba and Caloundra, to Montville and Mapleton to the calm and creative Maleny hinterland villages.



This is a place where monks in flowing burgundy robes glide past a stupa with a white Tibetan.Colourful flags arranged in rows fluffer in the wind, and there are soothing sounds of Buddhists chanting in the air.Chenrezig is a quite steep land, and the roads curve as it climbs the hill. The visitors’ car park is at the bottom of the hill.

The lushness of the hinterland is quite charming, and it is a visual a contrast to the seaside landscape. This is also where healing traditions from ancient cultures have flourished and where you can discover the path to the Garden of Enlightenment.



Chenezig institute serves as a center for study and meditation center and is also home to the Sangha monks and nuns as well as guests, students and volunteers. It is a registered charitable organization and an affiliate of the FPMT. The facilities of this center are open to the public and a variety of visitors take Buddist instruction come to this place to stroll along the bushy paths as they unwind,drop for a meditation class, or visit the gift shop or visit the cafe for some espresso.It is home to Tibetan Lama which is a large community of monks and nuns, residents, guests, students and volunteers. Apart from formal study programmes, this institute is a calm and relaxed place to spend some time.


The mission of this institute is to transmit the traditions of the buddists, as a path to complete happiness and freedom from suffering.It provides intergrated education intended to transform the minds and hearts of the people into highest potentials for the benefits of other people. All these is inspired by a universal responsibility attitude.


The institute is committed to helping all people to develop a full potential of compassion and infinite wisdom as well as creating harmonious environment.


So when you’re planning your visit to Coolum Beach, make sure you fit in a little time to find your inner peace with a visit to this very unique place on the Sunshine Coast.


Coolum Beach: The Perfect Spot for an Adventure Holiday

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Sunshine Coast kite surfing

A great place to experience your next adventure, the Sunshine Coast’s Coolum Beach is a seaside community with spectacular views of Mount Coolum. The perfect destination for your next holiday, Coolum Beach offers excitement, fun, and new experiences. Learn about the best adventurous activities for travelers and plan your next visit today.

4 Adventure-Filled Coolum Beach Activities

Containing no shortage of entertainment or dining options, Coolum Beach is a top destination for those seeking a memorable vacation. While there are many ways to enjoy Coolum Beach, these adventurous activities top the charts.

Kite Surfing

Feel the wind in your hair and water under your feet when learning to kite surf at Coolum Beach. Also called kiteboarding, kite surfing provides a fantastic view of the Sunshine Coast while inspiring the adventurous at heart to learn a new skill.

The Cable Ski Park

A mere 15 minute drive from Coolum Beach, Bli Bli’s watersports complex, also know as the Cable Ski Park, attracts thousands each year. Enjoy the convenience of skiing or wakeboarding without a boat at the popular adventure park, which features a cable-guided ski path perfect for improving your skills or learning new tricks. If you’ve had your fill of skiing, head to the park’s fishing section, where you can learn expert angling tips from the pros.


Get the best view of Coolum Beach available! One of the area’s most popular activities, skydiving offers guests a unique opportunity to experience the exhilaration of sky diving while enjoying a view of Coolum Beach and Mount Coolum. Learn to skydive from the professionals before inviting your friends on a group skydive over the Sunshine Coast.

HMAS Brisbane Wreck

Take scuba diving to the next level in Coolum Beach by diving the HMAS Brisbane wreck. The sunken guided missile destroyer was transformed into an artificial reef after its 2001 decommission. An experience enhanced by the knowledge of professional divers, exploring the HMAS Brisbane wreck promises adventurers a glimpse of life underwater and personal encounters with local king fish, lion fish, and squid.

Plan Your Holiday Now

Between soaking up sun on Coolum Beach’s soft white sand and exploring treasures lurking just beneath the surface of the ocean, there are many ways to create lasting memories on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re in need of a relaxing and exciting vacation, plan to stay at Beach Retreat Coolum for easy access to the area’s best activities.