You’ll be bowled over by Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach is an excellent place to unwind and relax. On this Sunshine Coast, there are numerous amenities to keep everybody entertained. One of the primary amenities along this coast is the Coolum Beach Bowls Club. At this club, guests have the opportunity to play a game of lawn bowling. The club has live entertainment and plays host to numerous events. The club organises for competitions whereby the winning participants are awarded. Besides, the lawn bowling, guests are offered membership packages.

Membership is highly affordable standing at just ten dollars for a 2-year social membership subscription. After bowling on the green lawns, guest may enjoy a meal at the café within the club grounds. The club also has a dining area where guests can enjoy lunch or dinner. There are a several cuisine and gourmet meals available. Everything on their menu is pocket-friendly and specially prepared to a taste of perfection. With these affordable rates, the Coolum Beach Bowls Club has gained popularity from the residents and visitors alike.

If guests require accommodation and other services, the Club Coolum resort is just within a walking distance. Guests have a variety of activities to engage in and choose from with the proximity to the beach and the Bowl Club. Also, the club has promotions that keep the guests always thrilled and entertained. Apart from lawn bowling, there is table tennis and darts. After a busy day in the field and other gaming events, the club offers happy hours.

During happy hours, the drinks are sold at cheaper prices. The guests can enjoy a drink of their choice as they relax after an eventful day. From morning to the evening, the club buzzes with games and events that are not too physical. These games are great exercise but do not involve a lot of contact with the opponents.

This Sunshine Coast is simply astounding. It has numerous activities present from swimming to lawn bowling. The great benefit of a roll up to Coolum Beach is affordability. The Bowls Club social membership is affordable, and their subscription fees and entrance fees are considerably small. The beach is an ideal destination for anybody no matter the kind of budget they have. The club, beach and resort deliver services and opportunities that exceed the value for the money spent. For cheap affordable and entertaining vacation, this is the perfect place to explore.

So whether you play Lawn Bowls or not, you’ll find it a great value for an affordable meal and a good time that you just can’t put a price on, and it’s only a few minutes away from The Beach Retreat.


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