5 spots for an ideal Coolum Beach breakfast.

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The Sunshine Coast of Queensland is abode to a number of Australia’s most stunning beaches and seaside neighborhoods. Coolum Beach is one of them, priding itself on peaceful and laid back scenery that places it apart from the others. Coolum Beach offers a pleasant change from the hectic beaches of the Sunshine Coast; it is the ideal spot for your next getaway or extensive holiday as a couple or with your family!

There are plentiful of excellent eateries surrounding Coolum Beach, where you can have a sumptuous breakfast before commencing with your adventure on the beach. Do not hustle while trying to make some breakfast from the kitchen in your Coolum Beach apartment or holiday home, discover these magnificent eateries:

Sunrise Café

The Coolum holiday experience is incomplete if you do not savor an incredible breakfast meal while you stare at the main beach as the surf sways onto the beach. Take pleasure in the calm sea breezes as you have a tasty meal with your loved ones.

Raw Energy

Located right across Coolum Beach, Raw Energy offers fresh food, coffees, juices, and smoothies in a hip, on the beach ambiance. The eatery is focused on healthy fast foods. Drop by for a meal of tofu rollup, scrambled eggs, vegetable lasagne or giant gluten free Burger. If you want a quick, healthy bite, then the Raw Energy at Coolum Beach is the place for place for you.

Gelato Mio

Gelato Mio has excellent breakfast meals, but ice-cream makes them stand out from the rest. It is a paradise for people who love ice-cream. They have a variety of all types of ice-cream which they make and modify the flavors to suit your taste. When you come across people on Coolum Beach smiling while holding an ice-cream, they are indeed from Gelato Mio.Before you leave for the beach grab one two of the best ice-cream that you will ever taste.

Little Lane Espresso

Little Lane Espresso is situated down a little side street and just opposite the main Coolum Beach, and it is one of Coolum’s long held secrets. This eatery is where the neighbourhood goes for their breakfast coffee and tapas-style food. This hidden coffee shop offers palatable dishes and brews world class coffee.

The Caf

This upmarket eatery is situated within walking distance from the beach at Coolum. The Caf serves you with light, but grand breakfast meals such as Merlo coffee. Enjoy your breakfast as you connect with the rest of the world courtesy of their free WIFI.

All the above restaurants are positioned within a couple of minutes walk from the magnificent Coolum Beach Retreat Apartments and the Coolum main Beach.

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